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Movies I've Watched This Year (So Far)

I'm a TV show kinda gal. When it comes to stories I'm in it for the long haul - I want all of the character development and storyline crossovers, carefully crafted and woven together across multiple hours of viewing. I want insignificant conversations and back story and all of the wonderful things found folded between book pages and 22 episode box-sets.

Loved Lately: August

{ This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 7, episode 7. }
Despite being a Summer month, August always holds a little bit of excitement for me. It's my little sister's birthday month and out of the three of us - being Leigh, Matt and I - Leigh's birthday is always the one we celebrate the most. Perks of being the youngest, eh?! August is also the only entire month of the year that my family are all home, all at once, and it holds the last few weeks of heat before my favourite season blows the last of it away with the promise of cosy jumpers and dog walks that won't kill me off.

Anyway! I'm sure you're sick to frickin' death about hearing about Autumn. Although I am firmly in the 'Autumn begins September 1st' camp. Here are my August and end-of-Summer favourites!

My September To Do List

Recognise this little baby from my 8 Little Happy Things post last month? She's grown so much!

Over the past few weeks I've experienced an intense revival of my love for goals. I've spoken before about the pressures I feel around a 'to do' list (especially ones scrawled in notebooks or on desk pads with 'I'm So Busy' and other intimidating phrases written on them in fancy font) but as I'm growing stronger mentally, I'm finding a lot of solace and motivation within a list of things I want to do each month, week and day.

8 Little Happy Things

Eight little happy things.

one |  Finding a bottle of Lush Fairy Dust in a charity shop for 99p.
two |  My amethyst pendant.
three | New Look bralettes.
four | High-waisted jeans.
five | Melon bags from McDonalds.
six | Just-warm baby sweetcorn tossed into fried rice.
seven | The restoration of my print wall.
eight | Holding a teeny tiny kitten in the palm of my hand.

The Crystals That Called To Me

I firmly stand by the belief that you should choose and purchase crystals in person - it's a much more personable and inspiring experience, especially when the sales assistant is so calming and knowledgeable. Mum and I headed into town last Friday morning and on the way back to the car we stopped in my favourite crystal store to buy crystals as a gift for Mum's god mother. I didn't intend on buying anything, but a few things screamed at me so I picked them up - I never ignore the internal pull towards a certain crystal, and it's always funny to read up on them later to discover they're exactly what I've been needing. On this occasion I purchased a single crystal and a necklace, and my mum treated me to a polished piece too.